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From automatic updates and to unlimited web design, we have plans for everyone. Subscribe today or grab a single tweak to test the waters.

Perfect for small business owners looking to automate their Wordpress maintenance and security
Per Month*Billed Annually
10% off all tweaks
You’re looking for more support. Your business is generating revenue and you need to kick it into gear.
Per Month*Billed Annually
20% off all tweaks
You are a full on tweaker. You are looking for active ongoing speed enhancement and marketing guidance.
Per Month*Billed Annually
30% off all tweaks

Included in all plans

Money-Back Guarantee

You can try our service for the next 14 days. If you don't like our service, then we will gladly refund your money!

Free SSL for Life

Lock your website with a free wildcard SSL for life, on us. Then rest assured that your site is safe!

US Based Project Managers

Because sometimes you want someone who speaks your language. Or maybe you don't, but you get the idea.

Easy, Expert Support

Real-time chat support, quick, easy, annotated. No tickets, no emails, just talk to a human.

24/7 Security Monitor

Preventative security measures that keep your site safe from exploits, vulnerabilities, and attacks.

Active Advisor

Not only will we carry out the tweaks you need but we’ll also make business and marketing suggestions.

Need Help? Here are some FAQs

What’s a tweak?

A tweak can be as simple as changing the style of your menu to something more complex like adding a payment gateway to your site. See our tweak library for examples.

Do you offer unlimited tweaks plan at a monthly fee like some other companies?

We don’t offer unlimited tweaks at a low fee and most other companies aren’t actually offering that either. Instead of adding a cap to how many hours we spend or limiting the number of tasks by performing slowly we offer discounts on tweaks at every level. We think this is more realistic and also allows you to get a massive bang for your buck.

Where is the Tweaky.io team based out of?

Tweaky is based out of Oakland, California with team members in New Delhi, India.

What platforms do you support?

We currently support Shopify & Wordpress for our subscriptions above. For other CMSs we consider subscriptions on a case by case basis. Prices may vary.

How much do tweaks cost?

We have a tweak library for examples of tweaks that have been done in the past. You can also try submitting a tweak for an estimate.

Do you work with agencies?

Sure do. Our project managers have an extensive background working with enterprise companies including Google, Intuit, Facebook as well as agencies that work for these companies. Just shoot us a message and we’ll take care of you.

Are your developers in-house or a bunch of random freelancers?

The Tweaky team is a small refined group of the top developers in India and the USA.

What if I don’t use my tweak discount for a month?

This happens all the time. You still have the benefits and features of the subscription. Your discount will always remain there when you need it.

Do you do complete site builds or redesigns?

We do. These are not included in any of the Tweaky subscriptions and generally start around $1,000 for simple sites. Submit a tweak and we’ll be happy to give you a custom quote.

Do I have to subscribe if I just want a single tweak?

Of course not. Check out our tweak library or chat with us if you are just looking for a quick fix.

Can I change my plan later on?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Not a problem. We will prorate your bill to account perfectly for any plan changes.

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