Tweak Library

Real world examples of website tweaks. More tweaks coming soon.

Make product page's description responsive


  • Make description fit partial page width
  • Improve look and feel of product page
Repair E-commerce Shopify

Migrate site from Host Gator to Siteground


Siteground Host Gator
  • Install and configure WordPress
  • Install theme and add all website content
  • Implement caching and SSL
Hosting Security Wordpress Shopify

Make theme's "about box" responsive


  • Make about box stick to top of screen
  • Fit width on all devices

Connect Contact Form 7 with CRM


  • Install Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Configure Contact Form to send emails
  • Review SMTP details for outgoing email
Conversion Marketing Wordpress

Connect Mailchimp to form submission


  • Configure Mailchimp with your CMS
  • Push form submissions to Mailchimp List
Marketing Repair Squarespace Wordpress Shopify

Create a custom mega menu


  • Configure menu sections
  • Make responsive
Performance Marketing Shopify Wordpress Squarespace

Add sticky social buttons to blog


  • Stick social button bar to left side blog
  • Buttons open in a new tab
Conversion Marketing Wordpress Shopify Squarespace

Setup Amazon EC2 Instance


Amazon Web Services
  • Setup and configure EC2 instance
  • Install requisite resources for your application

Create dynamic upsell popup in checkout


  • Configure popup for certain products
  • Determine parameters for trigger
Conversion E-commerce Wordpress Shopify

Install Facebook Pixel on Website


  • Install FB Pixel code on your website
  • Verify pixel is firing correctly in FB
Conversion Marketing Squarespace Wordpress Shopify

Setup Drift chat on my website


  • Install Drift Chat code on your website
  • Advice on custom bot setup
Conversion Marketing Wordpress Shopify Squarespace

Setup Amazon Elastice Beanstalk


Amazon Web Services
  • Setup and configure Elastic Beanstalk
  • Configure Ruby or PHP application

Create mobile friendly menu drawer


  • Adjust theme's mobile menu styles
  • Make the menu more user-friendly
E-commerce Performance Shopify Wordpress

Setup basic Google Analytics


  • Install Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Verify data is being sent to Google Analytics
Conversion Performance Wordpress Shopify Squarespace

Create Subdomains


  • Configure any number of subdomains
  • Point Subdomains where required

Setup an S3 Storage bucket


Amazon Web Services
  • Create a S3 storage bucket
  • Configure bucket with your application

Install custom Google fonts


  • Add custom Google fonts to your site
  • Configure these fonts where required
Marketing Performance Wordpress Shopify Squarespace

Integrate Stripe subscription API


  • Create a product page for stripe subscription
  • Create forward after complete
E-commerce Marketing Wordpress Squarespace Shopify

Setup private dedicated hosting


  • Configure a new dedicated server
  • Provide required access details

Setup Amazon Route 53


Amazon Web Services
  • Setup and configure Route 53
  • Migrate existing DNS records

Secure site with SSL certificate


  • Install free and secure SSL certificate
  • Ensure automatic renewal (depends on host)
Hosting Security Wordpress Shopify Squarespace

Migrate old emails to G Suite


  • Backup all old emails
  • Migrate required emails to G Suite

Setup a new G Suite Account


  • Configure new G Suite account
  • Add custom domain for email

Migrate Amazon instance to a new account


Amazon Web Services
  • Move your Amazon instance to a new account
  • Backup and shutdown the old instance

Setup Virtual Private Machines


  • Install any number of VPS
  • Provide required access details

Configure new Heroku Instance


  • Configure for your application type
  • Provide access details

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