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Quick Theme Improvements

Did you just install a new theme for your website but you need to make a few tweaks to make it perfect? Too slow? Not mobile responsive? Need to edit the navigation style? We can help.

Improve My Theme

We can do pretty much anything. Here are a few examples.

Adding, removing, and adjusting features in your website theme

Tweaking the design of your theme to better match your brand

Improving the design of a section to help increase conversions

Integrating with other services (like Mailchimp and Google Analytics)

Styling graphics for your site, like header or product images.

Optimizing your website for a better experience on mobile devices.

Here's what people are saying about us

"Tweaky was able to quickly dive into my cowboy spaghetti code, identify and fix a styling bug that I hadn't noticed, and implement my original conversion optimization request... all with zero technical guidance. Quick, easy, and more than I bargained for."

Chris Savoie – LilyPad Career Marketing - Wordpress

"Tweaky helped me make responsive layout changes to my Tumblr and did perfectly. Competent communication and quick response to requests. I recommend to everyone and I will be coming back again!"

Alex - Tumblr

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Mini Tweak

For a single design or mini development task that takes up to 30 minutes of work


Regular Tweak

For a single task, or a small group of related tasks, that take up to one hour of work


Custom Tweak

Need more extensive tweaks? We'll give you an awesome deal on bigger projects.

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Fixed price, quick on-demand help from experts. Get a quote by simply chatting with us.

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